Week 2 & 3: Wildlife and museums

After an eventful first week, the second proved to be just as busy.

Tuesday afternoon we went to the Victorian Parliament. It was a beautiful colonial building with lits of influences from ancient Greece. We were taken on a tour through the building and got to see nearly everything. We were allowed to sit down in the chairs were the politicians usually debate. The tourguide was very helpful and knew nearly everything. For example, did you know that the gold decorations alone in the building had a value of over $AU2.5 million?

The parliament from the front

Wednesday we had class in the morning and in the afternoon we went to the museum to see some Aboriginal art. We didn’t stay for too long, but we did get to see most of it.

One of the displayed pieces

Thursday we started off by going to Healesville sanctuary, a place where people take wild animals that have been injured and where they will get healed. They have a big hospital, but also a zoo which allows people to not only see, but also to interact with the animals. If you so choose, you can purchase an extra ticket to, for example, pet a kangaroo or feed a dingo.


Me petting a kangaroo with Danielle

Friday was fairly uneventful, but we did meet with Josh from the friendly backpacker. He is going to help us plan our trip in our week of, and this is when he showed us all the brochures with recommendations for things we should do or see. That night, a large part of the group set out to once again explore a bit more of Melbourne’s nightlife.

Saturday was spent playing some soccer and football and by writing my biology essay. Sunday I went to the beach with some friends.

Monday afternoon we did the golden mile. This is a tour through Melbourne which takes you to all the important museums and landmarks. We didn’t go in the museums, but now we at least know were they are. Most of the museums were old colonial buildings which blended in quite nicely with the modern skyscrapers.

Tuesday we went to cape Shanck. This is a national park were we explored the tidepools. These are small pools in rocks which overflow when the tide sets in but are easily explored when its low tide. There will then still be a lot of water left in the pools, making KT very easy to spot the wildlife in them. It made a very interesting scene.
The tidepools on the right and a small island on the left.

After visiting the tidepools we went to bushranger bay. While hiking towards the beach, we spotted a few echidnas in the wild. The beach was lovely. It had soft, white sand and the sea was warm. There were nice, big waves on which we could bodysurf. We had lots of fun.

Wednesday was your typical study day. The morning and afternoon we spent in class, and after school I tried to work on my essays for a bit.

Right now it’s Thursday, and I’m in the train towards Bendigo, were we will visit several museums.


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